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Drawworks and both Mud Pumps are powered by C-27 cat engines, the first fully electronic engines ordered in Canada for drilling rig applications. They have much better fuel consumption while giving you an average life of 54,000 hrs resulting in less downtime due to maintenance. The drawworks are coupled to a S6600 six speed Allison transmission which gives a good selection of different speeds for tripping and working tight spots. The rotary table has it's own brake which makes it very easy and safe to steer directional tools. On the drawworks are two tuggers, one is an OH&S approved man lift for working above drill floor and remote boom line on the mud tank side makes safer for rigging up or tearing out the mud tank.

The Generator Motor is a 680 HP Cummings engine coupled to a 410 KW Stamford generator which has proved itself to be very reliable. On the end of the rig manager's well site is an 11 KW gen set big enough to run drilling supervisor's well site on rig moves.
The Mud Tanks are big enough to clear water drill or use only compartments needed on a shallow well because of the design of the mud tank suctions and mixing discharge. The 10m3 pill tank has a 7.5 HP agitator and mud gun to insure good mixing of pills and slugs, and is big enough to hold displacement fluid for horizontal legs without contaminating the rest of the compartments. For solid control we have mounted a Swaco (Mongoose) dual motion shale shaker for good solids control and long life of screens. The mixing house is the newest Swaco mixing hopper designed for better shearing of polymer mud. All discharge and suction lines are over head in the pump houses for safer and easier access to pumps. Three 5" x 6" Baker pumps in the mixing house always gives you spare if charge or mixing pumps go down or if fluid needs to be transferred to or from tanks.

The Sub-Structure is one piece, with the loading skids running from one end to the other which makes it easy to load from either end, good for soft leases.

B.O.P.'s are on a cradle in the sub. Hydraulic lines, kill line valves, and HCR valves don't have to be removed which makes nippling up time quicker. There are two 5" hydraulic rams to raise and lower BOP's on to cradle. With lots of sub height, the CSG bowl can be set at any desired height.

The accumulator is an electric over hydraulic PLC system which means no freeze ups or blown air lines and is very easy too maintain.

The Manifold shack is on the end of the first pipe tub to minimize loads. The 4" degasser line and 8" booie line are mounted to the sides of the tubs to cut down on rig up time.

The rig is wired so there are very few electrical cords to plug in which makes for quicker rig up time and less maintenance.

Vertical survey tool is an electronic Totco.

The derrick is designed to hold 4500 m of drill pipe for long reach horizontals.

The rig water system has two 4" pumps that are hooked to a manifold so one or two pumps can be used for cement jobs along with a 112m3 water tank most cement jobs don't require an extra water truck.

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